Frequently Asked Questions

International students can also join classes! All you have to do is make the payment directly through the website. 

Though we hope you always stay healthy, in such circumstances, drop a mail on Mail should be sent before the classes are missed, explaining the situation. The duration of classes won’t be counted and will be resumed once you join back.

60 minutes followed by 10 minutes interaction with Shani. Time to discuss any doubts, queries, etc

Silver Plan- 7 days, Gold Plan- 35 days, Platinum Plan- 100 days

Access to Zoom/Web browser (preferably on tablet/ laptop). You will need a mat, belt/ strap/ scarf and yoga block/cushion or a book  prop. A working internet connection and yourself!

No refund policy.

We are not born Yogi Ninjas! Yoga is a journey to make you healthy. Flexibility is just a by-product of yoga as it increases your range of motion and reduces your chances of injuries.

Yoga helps in balancing all the systems of the body. With constant practice, the circulation to different endocrine glands become better, you become mindful of your way of living, consuming and avoiding keeping your health in mind.

Yoga helps in balancing hormones, and so it can help in keeping a check on PCOD/PCOS symptoms. But this goes hand in hand with your overall lifestyle as well.

Yoga and meditation can help bring balance in body and mind, bringing peace. Pranayama and asana practice can help simulate para-sympathetic nervous system, body’s rest and digest response, inducing deep relaxation. it is also known to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

Twisting, turning and bending poses in yoga remove venous blood and allow the freshly oxygenated blood to flow. Yoga works towards removing mental physical stress reducing inflammation, which also improves immunity.

Vinyasa is a fast-paced practice that makes you sweat. Weight gain or loss won’t be sudden but it will be long-lasting. Yoga makes you mindful of not just your body but also what you eat, how much you rest and brings balance in life.

In such cases, the best is to check your health with your doctor. When you get a go ahead from a doctor to practice yoga then register for classes. Keep in mind your limitations and precautions if any, and also mention the condition before joining the classes , while filling the ‘Additional Information’ space during registration.