Recorded Plans


Work on finding alignment  and become confident to see the world upside down.


Open the front body, strengthen the spine and find comfort in places which the mind finds uncomfortable.

Hip Mobility

Tone, mobilize and strengthen the joints and the lower body to support your movements as you become more flexible.

Arm Balances

Understanding the mechanics of balancing and finding a safe way to balance on arms. Learn to fly.

Yoga Starter Plan

Always wanted to start yoga but didn’t know where to start? Jump on this plan to begin your yoga journey with me.

Shred & Tone

Feel lighter and stronger while understanding the body’s dietary needs especially when facing certain health problems like PCOD, thyroid, bloating, hairfall, etc.

Balancing Chakras

Balance the chakras through Meditation, Pranayam, Chanting and Asana practice to find complete harmony in the body.

Detox Plan

Learn the right way to support the body’s detoxification through yogic and ayurvedic methods.

Power Yoga

Sweat, tone, feel stronger and healthier with fun and energetic power yoga sessions.

Hormonal Balance

Understand the Yogic & Ayurvedic perspective to holistic hormonal health.