Dates- 3rd to 6th March, 2023

At Jamboree Creek, Goa

We are so excited to announce our upcoming retreat which takes the traditional Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy into modern world application to reconnect mind, body and soul, and discover a healthier way of living. We believe changes don’t have to be extreme but just the ones small changes can have immense consequences living a healthier and happier life. We believe that the health of your body, mind and soul are inseparable. A healthy lifestyle is one that is balanced, nourishing each of these. Essentially it starts with loving and accepting yourselves. Finally, living a healthier life is not about denying yourself of things, but giving what you really need. We are here to take you through this journey of self discovery without judgements, using the tools of traditional practices to find this balance. All it requires is faith, an open mind and open heart and we are here to support you.

About Jamboree:

The space is ideally located near to the beautiful Ashwem and Mandrem beaches, lush landscaping, a place to relax with sumptuous food. Our Hotel offers the perfect base to explore the stunning beaches of North Goa and to have a true experience of natural living close to peace, yoga and trees. They are passionate about growing healthy food and bringing people together in meaningful ways to learn and live closer to the land.

Prerequisites Retreat is open for all levels of practitioners- complete beginners to advanced.

Activities and Sessions: 5 Yoga & Pranayam Sessions and 4 Ayurveda Sessions. (Find full itinerary below).

Focus on:
1. Learn simple Asana and Pranayam to bring balance in body
2. Improving Gut Health-
*understand body type
*identify the problem
*what can be added or removed from diet
*get some ayurveda recipes to take back!
3. Night Rituals for improved sleep-
* learn and practice with us a simple night routine everyone can follow to improve sleep
4. Cleansing Techniques-
* Neti kriya, Oil pulling, tongue scraping, etc to cleanse from within
5. Deeply relaxing restorative session and Yoga Nidra to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Retreat Cost per person:
The price for the retreat is as below

NON AC Rooms
Single occupancy
INR 33,500/- per person

Double Occupancy
INR 24,500/- per person

AC Rooms
Single occupancy
INR 36,500/- per personĀ 

Double Occupancy
INR 29,000/- per personĀ 

To book your spot:
100% advance payment.

To know more details regarding inclusions, exclusions, cancellation policy or to book your spot at the retreat, drop us at email at


Maldives, April 2021

Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives

Shani conducted curated classes, twice a day in the morning and the evening from 1st to 7th April 2021, exclusively for the guests at Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives’s Yoga Deck and beach. The classes focused on health and expanding awareness to attain a calm and relaxed state of mind.

We tried to connect with the elements of nature through the practice of asanas, parnayam and chanting. I also guided classes through Restorative yoga, Power Yoga, etc.

Online Chakra Classes, July 2021

What are Chakras?

* Physical, emotional and energetic influences on body

* How to know if Chakra is blocked?

* Practice to UNBLOCK and BALANCE certain chakra through meditation, Pranayam, Chanting and Asana practice.

Goa, March 2021

Nalanda Yoga Resort, Goa

Wellness retreat at Nalanda, Goa with sound therapist Natasha Singh from the 4th to the 8th of March in sunny Goa!! Our goal was to provide the tools and knowledge to know your body in its best version.

Delhi, 2019