Aditi Raveesh

Aditi Raveesh

I used to take Cult yoga classes before covid era, and when that stopped, I was looking for something that would force me to wake up early every day (since flexible work hours had me waking up as late as 9 and making me feel not so good the rest of the day). I had come across Shani’s Instagram account randomly, and thought I would give it a try, again, mostly because  the class was early morning. 😛 

One class, and I have not stopped. I think it’s been 5 months since then. I hadn’t realized it, but classes with shani have changed me, both physically and mentally. 

Physically, I can clearly see that I’ve grown stronger. I could not even attempt asanas like chaturanga dandasana early this year.  Planks too. My hands had zero strength, I used to think it was because I was thin. Now, I can do it, not very easily yet, but I can do it. Same goes with arm balances, I can lift my legs off the floor during crow pose for 2 seconds now haha. Also, I have reached ‘normal’ weight range for the first time in my life!

Mentally, it has done wonders. I stress about everything, work, life, my health, family, etc etc etc. Not sure why. But looking at these past few months, I am much calmer, and the days I do yoga, I can see the difference. I have a great start to the day, work goes well. The days I do a little better at something, like, for e.g. the day I managed to do side planks, or when I am able to not think about work or something during meditation time, I feel great. 

I enjoy how each class is different, and works on different aspects. I love how she pays close attention to us in class, correcting postures, urging us to hold on to difficult poses. 🙂 

Overall, I feel better, happier, stronger. And I owe that to you. Being at home during this pandemic made me discover her. Thank you Shani 🙂 

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