Ankisha Kudyar

Ankisha Kudyar

I was been born and raised in Jammu, India. I found Shani online via Instagram. Before joining her classes, I used to workout using you tube yoga classes for 3-4 days a week. I was also struggling with PCOS and I had irregular periods. What motivated me to take up yoga was to learn the yoga with the correct posture and alignments. It did take me few classes to get hang of everything but later it was not very difficult to understand. Over time, yoga helped me with my mental health a lot.

 I used to believe that yoga only benefits the physical body but I have apparently learnt the benefits for mental health as well. I have been associated with Shani for over 7 months now.  I enjoy the meditation and breathing sessions a lot.

I would definitely recommend her classes to friends and family if they are interested to work on their body and mind.

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