Anu Sanjeev

Anu Sanjeev

I am Anu Sanjeev, an Engineer by profession and currently work as a Technical Project Manager. I came across Shani’s classes through Instagram and checked out her website. I was excited to see that she offered classes at a time I can join, since I live in the US. I had a decent workout routine – walking/jogging and also doing strength training. I loved group exercise classes at the gym, but due to the pandemic I had stopped that and was working out at home. I used to do Surya Namaskars too .
I had tried a yoga class around 15 years ago, but somehow always felt it was slow and boring. Before joining the class, I was not really flexible so I knew, I needed to stretch more apart from working out.

What motivated me towards classes is that, I have been wanting to do Yoga and establish a routine of doing it. When I came across Shani’s website, I liked that I had the option of trying 1 class. So I thought I will try 1 class and see if I like it. I loved the class and since then I have been doing Shani’s classes 3 times a week.

I knew for sure doing Yoga will help, but I was not sure if I can keep up with the class, or do certain poses. But I attended the classes with the mindset that I will do what I can and that’s what Shani has said many times. My upper body strength is not that great, but after a few classes I started to feel more stronger in my upper body and I could do certain stretching and strengthening exercises that I would struggle before. I can see a difference in my over all endurance and strength, and I know 100 % that came from doing Shani’s yoga classes.

Overall, Yoga classes have improved my strength, endurance and flexibility. I feel calm over all compared to before and it has helped me to handle a lot of things in a calm way.

After the classes my beliefs about yoga have changed. I used to think that you benefit more from Yoga if you are flexible and I used to think that a persons flexibility will increase if you do Yoga . But now I realize, that no matter what your fitness level or flexibility is, you will benefit from a regular yoga practice. I have realized it also helps to build strength. I see a lot of positive changes mentally and physically!

I started at 15th of February, 2021 and love the fact that each class of Shani’s is different and you will never get bored. She takes the time to check on your posture and form and corrects you during the class. She also encourages and gives options for people who have different flexibility levels. I highly recommend Shani’s classes.

I feel anybody who wants to try Yoga, or need a Yoga routine part of their current fitness routine should try Shani’s classes. No matter where you are in our fitness Journey, attending Shani’s classes will only take you to the next level. After seeing how much I love the classes and I try not to miss them, my husband has also joined Shani’s classes.

I would like to end with an example. A year ago I was able to do only 20 Sun Salutations in a stretch . Shani , in one of her sessions had us do 54 Sun Salutations. A few months after that, I just wanted to try and was able to do 108 Sun Salutations. So I know Yoga definitely improved my endurance and Strength. If not for these yoga classes I would not have been able to do it.
Another example is in the Hindolasana (Baby Cradle pose) now I am able to touch my nose to the knee , whereas before there would be a foot gap between my nose and my foot in that pose.

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