I’m Anubhav. I’m from Delhi and moved to the UK a few years ago with my husband and my daughter. Coming from a Fashion and apparel background, now I’m into food and travel blogging at and a stay at home mum. I discovered Shani’s classes  through Instagram . I came across your account and loved the yoga videos, the asanas , the way you explained everything. The moment I came across her account I knew I had to give your classes a try . However due to the time difference I could not join your classes earlier, but thanks to the lockdown , I could manage to attend the classes later in 2020.

I was quite active a few  months before I joined the classes, I was regular to the gym and used to go for regular walks. But then due to some personal obligations I had no time , and had to stop going to the gym. I was just doing a routine walk. After the lockdown started , I had quite a sedentary routine . With everything shut, everyone working from home and homeschooling my daughter , my daily movement was restricted and I was sitting almost 6-8 hours a day working on the laptop.

My Yoga practice was on and off and I could never make  a routine . 

I had been suffering from  lower back pain for a long time and last year I was diagnosed with bulging discs. I also had milk hip pain  and sciatica concerns which started after I slipped last year.  I think yoga has really helped and back and hip pain is a lot more manageable now.

What Motivated me to do classes with Shani is because, I have always loved yoga. I browsed through her Instagram account , and was inspired by her yoga posts and videos. I practiced the asanas by watching the videos, but that wasn’t regular. When I realised she is taking zoom classes I immediately got in touch. I knew if I joined the classes that would help me learn the correct technique and I’ll be more dedicated and regular in practicing yoga. And I’m so glad I joined the classes.

Initially I wasn’t very sure how the online zoom classes for yoga would work, so I tried it for a month. But after attending a few classes I felt really confident both physically and mentally and  I knew I wanted to stick to Shani’s classes forever ☺.  

Yoga has become more of a routine now. Though I know I’m still far from getting the postures correct but the small drills we practice to achieve the poses really help .  My body feels more relaxed and the back  surely feels so much stronger now. 

Earlier, I had certain beliefs that Yoga is for a certain body and gender type. That I am not flexible and I won’t be able to do this. There are so many poses in yoga and I always felt I will never be able to do those as my body lacks strength and flexibility . But attending regular classes has changed that thought process.  I am still not there ,but the  classes have  made me realise that with practice and perseverance I will reach there, sooner or later.

It’s been 4.5 m months since I started Shani’s classes.

And the classes are amazing! The way she plan our classes, the different content of each class and her in-depth knowledge about yoga techniques, poses/postures , breathing techniques and meditations make the classes so very interesting and knowledgeable. She not only explain how every pose is to be done, but also explain the impact of every pose on different parts of the body. She goes way beyond teaching just the postures,  and it was so kind of her to share  yoga notes with us all explaining the bandhas in detail, and sharing some background yoga music playlist . Shani’s observation skills are commendable, how  she watches each of us (even in a zoom class) and help us perfect our poses to the best of our abilities. As I said, I have found the best yoga teacher in her.

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