Harshada Chawan

Harshada Chawan
My name is Harshada Chavan and I am from Mumbai, I was working in MNC and later on decided to build a career in Yoga. After completing my Yoga instructor course I was searching for something which will help me to push my limits and enhance my strength and capabilities mentally, emotionally and physically. I was following Shani on Instagram since last year and found it amazing the way she has designed her page, like helping peoples on this planet to come out of their comfort zone because her page has everything for everyone. From Beginners to expert level. Really admire her beautiful soul.
I enrolled in the silver plan and the initial session acted as a catalyst for me, i was so happy with your teaching skill and time management as she covered everything in that one hour so nicely and wont stop myself from taking the Gold plan and then Platinum. Before joining her class I was struggling with left knee pain for the last few months and now it’s completely gone, It made me so happy because it was like a hurdle in my practice.

Her each class is different, it creates a stir in atmosphere, perfect time management and personal attention to every student. She pours her heart in her sessions which is really needed to nurture every soul. I recommend her classes to everyone because after all every person wants to see their true power and potential which her yoga sessions will help them to discover.
I have been attending classes with her for the last three months and can see myself much stronger than before, I choose her class and that is the best decision I made for myself.

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