Kashvinder Kaur Randhawa

Kashvinder Kaur Randhawa

My name is Kashvinder and I work as a clinic operations officer. My work is mostly deskbound but sometimes I am scheduled to cover clinics when there is a manpower issue but that too I’m at a desk attending to patients. I was actually finding for an experienced yoga teacher because of my lack of movement due to my job and also a teacher who allowed the flexibility of having online classes and I came across Shani’s profile after searching for about 2 months. Scrolling through her posts, I felt that I finally found my teacher who can guide me in my yoga journey.

Before this I had signed up for adult ballet classes but I didn’t feel the challenge after a while and craved for more. I even joined the gym but I found it mundane to run on the treadmill, use the stationary bike and do weights 3 times a week.

I started my yoga journey the moment I signed up with her. I never tried yoga before because previously I thought it was just stretching till I came across a random pose of a yogi doing the Garuda pose and I was totally wowed. I was adamant to practice yoga. After joining Shani’s 1st class, my muscles were trembling from head to toe but I got hooked. I wanted more. I’m struggling a lot with flexibility and strength. Even now after practicing yoga for about 3 months but I know it’s a slow and steady pace and working with my body. I had not done any workout or stretching for 10 years since I started deskbound jobs because I was always tired so my body is extremely stiff and weak.

But after 3 months I can say that there are definitely a lot of changes I notice in my body. Bending down and picking up something off the floor is so much easier and even sitting cross legged has become more enjoyable and less uncomfortable. I am able to carry more than 10kg grocery bags and I even have better sleep. No more insomnia! Yay! I was very wowed with her posts and her flexibility and strength with the various poses. So I decided to follow her on IG first before making a concrete decision of being her student because I knew I needed to commit to the practice once I started. And I saw how engaging she is for her followers with your tips and videos that she does plus she came across as friendly and approachable so that’s also important for me in a teacher.

At first I was doubtful with my ability to continue because every class had me exhausted and drenched in sweat. I felt I couldn’t do it anymore plus my body wasn’t used to the routine as like I mentioned, I never stretched any part of my body so even the simplest stretch of muscle caused me pain which resulted in injuries cos I was stubborn and didn’t listen to my body at all. I had to stop yoga for 3 weeks as I twisted my knee and I told myself, that’s it no more yoga. But while I was recovering, I was missing the yoga classes and I felt so miserable not being able to join. I was overjoyed when the doctor gave me an all clear to resume lessons and I started back my journey and this time round I was seeing more positive changes in my body because I started listening to it instead of going against it. I’m gaining strength and flexibility after each class.

Back pain had plagued my life for so long because of the deskbound job and also bad posture while sitting or standing. Nowadays I no longer have back pain and I even reduced my chiropractic sessions significantly (I used to go twice a week) now I only go once every 2-3 weeks. And I can sleep well! My posture has improved too! Whenever I start to slouch, my back muscle starts to ache and reminds me to sit up straight.

Certain beliefs about yoga I had in mind were that Yoga is for a certain body type I am not flexible and I won’t be able to do this. I lacked strength to do certain yoga poses and curtailed it to a gender type. After the classes I saw a transformation in my thoughts. I thought yoga was just stretching and relaxing but I was so wrong! The amount of tears my body has cried during classes, only I know. I thought people who went to the gym and lifted weights had strength because I challenged a friend to hold a handstand and he couldn’t find the balance! Practicing yoga and mastering the balance, flexibility and strength is a whole superpower on its own!

I have been attending classes since late June 2020. I love how Shani mix it up! Every class is something new and exciting because we move through various techniques, poses and target different muscle groups. Though I’m still struggling with flexibility and strength, I try to do the best I can. No 2 classes are the same and I’m always excited before every class cos I try to guess what would be the theme of class that very day but I’m always surprised! My body always feels great after and puts me in the best mood ever. But I must say my favorite part of the class is when we lie in Shavasana because that’s when I know the class is over and I celebrate because I did it! I attended class, moved through the various poses and carved out time for myself and my body.

I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone and everyone who wishes to start their yoga journey! I may be biased but she is an amazing teacher. Be it strength, flexibility, balance, grounding oneself and centering oneself. Her class has it all. I always feel incredibly grounded and centered.

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