Khusboo Mehra

Khusboo Mehra

 I got introduced to Shani via Instagram and while exploring powerful online yoga sessions. And before this, I have practiced yoga for over six years, with breaks in between.

I have always been an absolute fan of yoga. Started my journey in 2008 with a personal yoga instructor that lasted for over three years. Since then, have been practicing yoga on & off with an exception of last 1.5 years. I tend to get very stiff if I stop working out / practice yoga. That’s exactly where I was when I started with Shani. Snippets of Shani’s yoga sessions (Instagram) convinced me that she is  a true master in the field. My trial session had confirmed this 🙂 

After a few classes, I absolutely loved it. I was certain that I’ll continue to be part of your classes.

Restarting yoga with Shani has been truly transformative for me, both mentally and physically. Since the last few months, I feel a lot more balanced mentally and stronger physically. The fact that she helps in pushing every student beyond their comfort and yet give personal attention, is outstanding.  

In the beginning, I did feel that getting back to yoga would be tough which Shani has changed completely. I have recommended Shani’s session to almost all of my friends and family members. Some of them need yoga physically and some just like to stay fit. 

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