Mansi Rao

I’m Mansi Rao, I’m a Network engineer working in the Bay Area. I came across Shani’s Instagram profile, and followed her videos for a while. I really got excited when I came to know about the virtual classes. Usually, I go for regular walks for 30-45 minutes in week days and trek during weekends.

This was going to be my first introduction to yoga. I have wanted to try yoga for a long time now. I enjoyed yoga clips in Shani’s Instagram and it encouraged me to join her classes. I joined the classes with an open mind as I had no experience in yoga prior to this. I felt it was extremely relaxing after a few classes!

The practice has helped me push myself a little bit in any task as Shani tells in every class, and helped me in de stressing from work. I felt that I would lack strength to do certain yoga poses but through Shani’s classes, I understood that mind and controlling your breath does all the work!

It has been around 6-7 months now. I enjoy that Shani ensures every part of our body gets attention and there is a dedicated day for upper body, lower body workout or core. Shani also explains the significance of every asanas. Most importantly, I love that she gives attention to every student and corrects their poses. I always look forward to Shani’s classes with every class having something new to learn!

I wouldn’t restrict classes to anyone in particular. I would definitely recommend it to all! Shani’s classes aim at strengthening both mind and thus body.

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