Navya Meriam Joseph

Navya Meriam Joseph

I was looking for virtual yoga classes (given the Covid situation). I started my search on Instagram and Shani’s profile was one of the first few that popped up. I loved the content that was on her page so I reached out for details on classes and enrolled for them. Since Covid began my workout routine was non-existent almost. Prior to that, I used to hit the gym (not frequent at all – maybe once a week), go for occasional walks and attend Zumba classes whenever possible. I have never tried learning yoga before. I am quite loving the learning experience. After
starting the classes, there are a lot of things I discovered, and realized that even yoga can make you sweat!

The main reason I was looking for a yoga instructor was because I suffer from very severe migraine problem. I used to get migraine attacks at atleast twice a week and it would just end up in me taking painkillers. I was advised by a lot of people to try yoga as it might help with migraine. Honestly, I believe it has. I now see that the frequency of my headaches have reduced. I still do get migraines but definitely not twice a week anymore.

I initially enrolled as a trial to see if I’d like yoga. Even though I got started with the intermediate batch, I really felt that I was pushing myself to do things I haven’t attempted before. I switched over the beginner batch once the IST morning batch began. I am really enjoying learning the yoga basics right now. I was a bit doubtful in the starting but after a few months I did start seeing results. I get lesser headaches now. I also knew that my back is not that flexible, so I am working on increasing its flexibility with yoga. I have tendonitis on my right wrist which makes it tough for me to put pressure on my right hand. This makes it challenging for me to do any poses where wrists are the primary support. I am hoping that yoga will help with strengthening my wrists as well.

I believed that you need to be very flexible to do most asanas. What I realized with Shani’s class is that you should push your body to do how much it can and not strain too much. I embraced that and try to do asana to the best of my capacity.

It’s been four months with Shani and I really do like the way the class is structured. I also enjoy the tidbits of information she gives about the asanas and how it affects your body.

I have already shared her details with few of my friends who are interested in trying out yoga and begin their lovely journeys!


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