Nidhi Kaushal

Nidhi Kaushal

I am a lawyer based in California and I came across Shani’s profile on Instagram. My first impressions of her were bedazzling looking at those yoga poses that she puts on her page. I researched a little more and found out about her website and online classes. Her Insta videos and information motivated me to join her classes to begin my yoga journey.

Before starting my yoga journey with Shani, I used to run and perform light yoga/exercises with help of online videos. To better understand the art of yoga, I also tried a few other yoga studios but could never stay with them for more than a month. The methods used by most studios here were mostly inclined towards power yoga with not too much emphasis on the basis of actual poses and alignment. I would easily get tired and would not feel driven to stay till the end of the class. I needed an instructor who would work with me in solidifying my foundations of yoga and I am glad I found that teacher in Shani.

Her classes are fun and exciting and she makes every effort to make the  environment friendly and welcoming. In her own words, yoga is all about knowing your body and it is not about the destination but the journey itself. This journey of mine is now 6 months strong and couldn’t have been so wonderful without her. Shani is a great teacher and the best thing about her classes is the amount of personal attention paid to everyone, despite being online. Her practice guides through not just physical but the mental state of one’s body by incorporating meditation, pranayama and a multitude of balance and stretching exercises.

Consistently showing up to my mat three days a week, I am now able to elongate my breaths, open up to the poses easily and experience the calm within. Shani’s classes have helped me develop a deeper connection with my body. Her yoga not only gives me positive energy to get through the day but also helps me clear my head and set me in the right frame of mind. Practicing with Shani, I feel free of any stress or anxiety and have found a perfect harmony between my  mind and body.

I have recommended her classes to many of my friends and would continue to do so to all of those who feel that fancy yoga studios haven’t proved their worth.. Finally, to Shani, I am so grateful to have you as my yoga guru and hopefully I will be able to continue this beautiful journey with you and become a good yogi.

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