Sanjana Naik

Sanjana Naik

I am Sanjana Naik from Kolkata. I am 44 years old and I am a proud mother of three daughters.
I was always involved in some any kind of creative activities be it classical dance, folk dance or singing. But due to classical dancing my knees had started paining and then I realised I need to do strength training and proper exercises. But I had no guidance and also I gained a lot of during my second pregnancy( I was 82 kg by then). So then my journey towards physical fitness started.
For many years I did different kinds physical activities( Zumba, gym, weight training). I was enjoying it but I realised that I was loosing my flexibility.

Then one of my friends told me try yoga. But I was reluctant as I thought yoga is only for lazy people. Still I called one yoga teacher home but was not happy. Then I came across Shani’s Posts on Instagram. I was really impressed with her. I found her so graceful and confident. I was so happy to know that she was conducting online classes. But at the same time I was worried that will I able to follow her and can anybody teach yoga online.

Still I got myself enrolled and rest is history. I am with her since 9 months and I am enjoying my “me time “with her. Each session with her is so enriching for my soul and body. Her instructions and explaining are so clear and profound that one cannot simply go wrong. She continuously monitors us and encourages and push us beyond our mental boundaries. The recent sessions on Chakras were so so enlightening and informative as regards to understand the connection between our inner self and physical body. Her recent post, in which she explained the meaning and importance of Gayatri mantra is also helpful as we always end our practice with Gayatri Mantra.

With each session with Shani I get to learn so much and my urge to do something creative also gets satisfied.

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