Sishir Garemella

Sishir Garemella

“ I am a financial services professional. I discovered your classes through Instagram. I am running enthusiast. I pursue my passion of long distance running regularly – running is a way of life. I joined yoga before, took a class here or there but never over a long period of time.

As with other runners, I tend to focus more on the mileage than stretching or strengthening of muscles, so our bodies are stiffer than we would like and Yoga is very helpful to improve flexibility and circulation. There was a certain sense of simplicity in your classes. Yoga always seemed complicated with different schools of thoughts etc. but with you – it seemed very simple and doable and once I started, I felt, it was perfect for me.

I did nonstop 3 months of classes with you – once I started, it was smooth sailing. Loved every single session and looked forward to the next. I think as a beginner, the balance of pranayama, asanas and relaxation routine in every single session helped in managing the pace. I felt pushed just enough, so as to feel a sense of achievement but never fatigue.

I definitely found myself becoming more flexible and stronger as we progressed with the classes. That sort of feedback which you get from your body, is a motivation in itself. I attended 3 months from June to August 2020 – Something great that I did during lockdown!

Difficult to put in words but there is something very simple about the way you teach yoga – I think any person, regardless of level of flexibility and fitness can do a session and immediately relate to the ease. I like the fact that a mix of breathing exercises (pranayama), asanas and relaxation routine present a holistic approach which results in deep relaxation after the session. It was clear that you wanted us to be gentle and patient with our bodies – your verbal affirmations also point to a nice and slow pace of learning rather than something that’s too complicated or tough for a beginner.

Your classes are very simple and hence very effective. I looked forward to each session, I think anyone who takes a trial class would fall in love with your style, to that extent, I think you a tremendous teacher – You are compassionate and patient with students – I hope that you grow leaps and bounds in your own practice and your teaching.

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