Swetha Pinnali

Swetha Pinnali

I am Swetha Pinnali, I live in California USA. I was browsing through my Instagram page and came across Shani Yoga. Usually my workout routine is to run/walk for 30 minutes on a treadmill 6 day a week. And I never tried learning Yoga before. This was my first time with her. Before joining, I had lower back pain issues and was never flexible. I was quite impressed with all the small video bytes Shani put together in her page. I always wonder if I could do at least half of what she could do there. I always thought Yoga can be exhausting which may impact my daily routine. The very first class itself made my opinion change. It was very relaxing by the end of class and my energy levels were quite high the whole day. I eagerly waited for the next class with her.

For me, Yes, It definitely impacted my lifestyle. I am more flexible now. I am more disciplined now. I joined the beginner level yoga class with Shani. She explains every pose clearly and constantly corrects the students. I was not sure at first about virtual setup but it is no different from going to in person class.

I had certain beliefs that Yoga is only about stretching and one has to be flexible even to start yoga. But Shani helped me realize it is much more than that. It has been almost 8 months that I started practicing yoga and I look forward to her class with the same enthusiasm I had for my first class.

Shani designs well planned classes that include breathing, stretching, backbends, twisting and relaxing poses. Her every class is differently planned. Shani takes good care in constantly correcting her students and explaining about each pose, how it helps for the body. Her soothing voice is very relaxing when I do final relaxing poses. I will 100% recommend practicing yoga with Shani. She made a positive difference in my life. Shani’s Yoga brought a change in my lifestyle. Thank you for being an inspirational teacher and for the amazing practice. I am looking forward to being in her advanced level classes.

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