Vidisha Bhardwaj

Vidisha Bhardwaj

“ I am into Business development and marketing. I discovered the classes through Instagram. Before joining the classes, my routine was very irregular and I was not very motivated or focused. Before joining Shani’s classes, I had a introduction to yoga and I really enjoyed it.

I was struggling with focusing, staying calm also I wanted professional assistance in improving how things worked when I am doing Yoga. I was just amazed by how positive I felt just by looking at Shani doing the asanas and how easy she made them look. And the classes were designed in a way that I hardly had any doubts but if any, Shani was always there to assist, help and take time to explain.

I have been attending classes with Shani for past 6 months. I have become a calmer and more focused breather and I have also become very conscious . I really believe Yoga is for all and also that this is the only form of workout which can keep me going.

The explanation and assistance and the positive smile that Shani always havs really makes me happy. I recommended these classes to friends who are struggling in the current situation and really want to do better and be happy. Also I really enjoyed the vibrations given at the end of the class while the pupil were in ‘shavasana’, that should be done more!”

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